Why Food? Day One and Counting

I have annoyed my friends and colleagues with food photos long enough! This is the new home of my exploration with food as a health enthusiast, amateur cook and former restaurateur. There will probably be cocktails at some point.

Why food?

It’s not just that we are what we eat. We are WHY we eat. Survival, of course. Nutrition, if you’re paying attention. And almost always, for entertainment and pleasure. Most of us move between those reasons throughout the course of a day. A meal is a time stamp. It is also a passport for cultural exploration and an expression of mood.

So here we are.

Lately I’ve been getting back into nutrition and home cooking after a two-year stint developing restaurants and bars (read: eating and drinking my way across the country.)  I attended a mindful eating retreat on a gorgeous organic farm in Ireland. Then I finished a #Whole30 and kept going. I dug deeper and finally read The Wahls Protocol.  I’ve always loved food but this might be the most nurturing, fulfilling relationship with it yet.

What will you find here moving forward? Hopefully some insight. Definitely links to recipes harvested from cooks much savvier than I am. And photos.

Here come the food photos.


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