The Sugar Plague in America

The Journal of the American Medical Association has recognized that the sugar industry, along with some morally corrupt Harvard researchers, misled the American public about the dangers of sugar vs fat in the 1960s. They essentially launched the obesity epidemic in America with this misinformation. Evidence of this trickery has been in documentaries and blogs in health-conscious circles but has finally made it mainstream! I shared the NYT article and the Opinion piece on my Facebook and my friends are now ready to devour more information.

So here’s my list of recommended reading and watching.


  • Fed Up
  • That Sugar Film
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
  • The Human Experiment (toxins and policy)
  • Cooked on Netflix (Michael Pollan)
  • Food Inc


  • Always Hungry? by Dr. David Ludwig
  • Brainmaker by Dr. Perlmutter
  • Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman
  • The Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls
  • Sugar Crush by Dr. Jacoby
  • Anything and everything from Michael Pollan but start with In Defense of Food

Cookbooks and recipe blogs


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